About a year ago,  I contracted the services of Mr. Thom Humann regarding  a situation which was effectively resolved by his sagely and very timely intervention. Mr. Humann was immediately responsive to my every concern and to every issue that I brought to his attention. His desire to assist and solve the answers to all of my inquiries was evident in the suggestions and information he provided. I was additionally impressed by the caliber of his courteous patience and first hand ability to "think out of the box" and to draw reasonable logical conclusions that expedited what could have been a long drawn out uphill battle, with someone of lesser ability. Mr. Humann is a professional in every sense of the term, and I very much appreciated his dedication to assisting me in a careful and focused manner.  He provided a timely review and analysis of his findings and even went the extra nine yards to reassure me throughout our interactions, that he would always be ready and willing to be of assistance!

I have high regard for Mr. Thom Humann and will never forget how he helped me in the recent past. He is a seasoned professional in his field with invaluable expertise and knowledge. Moreover, I am honored to have made his acquaintance; he is a gentleman of inimitable integrity who willingly and consistently acts in the best interest of his clients.

 D. P., former client